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Pliant Ships CrewCom Wireless Intercom System

System intended for live sound, broadcast, industrial and other uses.

Las Vegas, NV (March 14, 2018)—Pliant Technologies is now shipping its wireless intercom system, CrewCom. According to the company, CrewCom is based on a new technology platform that offers high wireless user counts, range and scalability, and is intended for a range of live sound, broadcast, industrial and other uses.

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CrewCom offers 1,024 Conferences that provide the flexibility of a matrix/party-line, but unlike a matrix-based architecture, CrewCom is based on a decentralized platform that puts system resources where they are needed.

CrewCom wireless products are available in 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz models (900 MHz are limited to where the band is legal). Any combination of these frequency bands may be simultaneously used on the same CrewCom system, giving the ability to put RF coverage where needed while employing a consistent user interface throughout the system.

CrewCom’s graphical software, CrewWare, provides for offline configuration, online control and real-time monitoring of all system components. The software tools augment CrewCom’s use and system scalability, but are not required to operate the system.

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CrewCom’s CrewNet proprietary network coordinates and transports all system timing, audio conferences, signaling, and control. CrewNet can operate over standard Cat-5e (or greater) and single mode fiber lines.

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