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“Powered By Crown” iPad/iPhone App

The Ethernet-based “Powered By Crown” iPad/iPhone App allows for direct control of amplifiers, “unlike competitive systems requiring an additional computer interface,” offers Crown’s parent company, Harman. The application can be used to control and monitor amplifiers by setting basic control panels on an amplifier or by handling a complete setup through HARMAN HiQnet System Architect. The application is designed to benefit integrators deploying Crown Ethernet-enabled amplifiers including I-Tech, I-Tech HD, CTs, and Macro-Tech I Series. The app can be deployed on two, four and eight channel amplifiers. Integrators can create a custom control panel in HiQnet System Architect, save it and directly import it onto the app for system tuning and the creation of a control and monitoring system for end users. Systems integrators can deploy the iPad App when they are installing and tuning systems and now have the capability to setup, troubleshoot, and monitor systems remotely. Inputs, routing, load monitoring, metering, thermal conditions and levels are now all controllable through the application. 

The “Powered By Crown” application is compatible with the iPod Touch and is now available at Apple’s iTunes store. 

Price: $3.99

Contact: Harman |