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At InfoComm: Powersoft Debuts Mezzo Amplifiers

The eight amplifiers are intended for niche installation use.

Orlando, FL (June 13, 2019)—Powersoft has long been known for its sizable amplifier offerings, but this year, the company’s big news is smaller—or rather, compact. Mezzo is a new line of eight amplifier models specifically created for the AV/IT market. Klas Dalbjörn, Powersoft product manager, addressed a packed press conference at Booth 6681 to unveil the self-configuring amplifier system that sports a highly compact, Class-D technology design.

Powersoft Presents T Series Amplifiers

“Our new Mezzo platform delivers…smaller power configurations that are highly adaptable for a range of different fixed installation environments,” he noted. “We recognize there are many system designers and integrators that seldom need more than 250W and can often make do on as little 15W on a channel — Mezzo covers these needs.”

Each model offers different power and connectivity options, and can be monitored remotely. The eight available models in the new Mezzo line consist of four power sizes, each offering an option with “A” (Analog) or “AD” (Analog-Digital), which adds Dante/AES67. The power sizes include smaller option of 320W in 4 x 80W and 2 x 160W variants, and a larger option of 600W in 4 x 150 or 2 x 300W.

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The smaller 320W power sized models are able to deliver 80/160W per channel into 2, 4, 8 or 16 ohms as well as 100, 70 or 25V. Meantime, the larger 600W power sized models can deliver 4 x 150W or 2 x 300W, and can drive two 16 ohm as well as 25, 70 or 100V.

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