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Powersoft Patents Solar Wireless Device

Powersoft has patented a new technology that incorporates solar power with bi-directional, wireless AV communications.
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Scandicci, Italy (July 6, 2011)--Powersoft has patented a new technology that incorporates solar power with bi-directional, wireless AV communications.

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The first product showing the potential of the concept, the DEVA 1S, consists of a power/control module and an interface module. The power/control module consists of a solar panel, batteries, as well as processing, WiFi communication and amplification. The interface module consists of loudspeakers, light and optional devices such as camera, microphone and telemetric sensors.

"The DEVA technology has endless possibilities," explains Thomas Mittelmann, Powersoft business development manager. "Theme parks, sport venues, corporate and public facilities, transport hubs, emergency/rescue services, even shopping centers--they all have difficulties distributing sound and surveillance over large areas because of the infrastructure it demands. DEVA is a self-contained, completely independent concept providing everything needed, and it is wireless. It can be easily tailored to the exact requirements of an application and can be installed very easily."

"Powersoft has always prided itself on its extremely efficient amplifier technology," adds Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft managing director and head of R&D. "Efficiency was also the key when designing DEVA. Solar power is 'green' and freely available, but to keep a product compact, you must reduce the power consumption of everything running off it. The DEVA 1S is a fairly small device and capable of running longer than necessary even in complete darkness."

The DEVA 1S's battery, which is being charged through the solar panel even in low-light conditions, is said to provide approximately 30 days of stand-by. The integration of a Class-D amplifier into the unit helps support up to 40 hours of continuous audio playback equivalent to five days at eight hours/day. A white LED supplies optical signaling or lighting as video image support for up to five hours.