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PreSonus Revamps FaderPort Production Controller

New controller retains some FaderPort 8 elements, while adding features.

Baton Rouge, LA (July 19, 2018)—PreSonus has updated its long-running FaderPort tactile controller with the introduction of the new FaderPort: USB Production Controller.

Intended for users who mix in the box, the new FaderPort incorporates elements from the company’s FaderPort 8 and provides a 100 mm touch-sensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation in real-time.

Designed as a desktop-sized unit, the FaderPort provides 24 buttons to cover 40 different functions, allowing users to zoom in on audio files for editing, control track levels at a button press and more. Aiming to provide as fast a workflow as possible, the unit also includes a footswitch input for hands-free start/stop.

Saving the Show: Live Audio Capture

The FaderPort’s topology includes a Session Navigator section that provides access to eight main functions. Centering the unit is a large, 360-degree encoder button and companion buttons for editing and mixing. Multi-function arrow buttons allow users to scroll through your timeline while using the encoder, or work measure by measure.

Other key buttons allow users to quickly zoom in and out on the timeline with the encoder and make tracks larger or smaller; navigate and drop markers; and maintain control of the main level.

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The FaderPort features an optimized HUI mode for Pro Tools as well as custom MCU operation modes for Logic Pro X, Cubase, Ableton Live. No driver installation is necessary—the unit is plug-and-play via USB, allowing users to apply it to other systems when needed. Unsurprisingly, the FaderPort is also compatible with PreSonus’ own DAW, PreSonus Studio One, and Studio One Artist is included with the unit.

The new FaderPort is out now, with a street price of $199.

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