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Procella Audio Bows Its First Amplifier

Procella Audio is introducing the DA-2800, the company’s first power amplifier.

Venice, CA (June 4, 2012)—Procella Audio is introducing the DA-2800, the company’s first power amplifier.

Providing a total of 2,800 Watts into 4 ohm loads, the amplifier is rated at 700 Watts per channel into 4 ohm loads and 360 Watts per channel into 8 ohm loads. Channel pairs can also be bridged, producing 1,400 watts at 8 ohms. Two versions of the four channel amplifier are available. Each has the identical basic power amplifier, with the DA-2800DSP version adding onboard DSP for each channel. The preprogrammed DSP is used to create active crossovers or to optimize the frequency response of Procella loudspeakers and subwoofers. Both versions of the amplifier are shipping now worldwide.

The DA-2800 hardware is manufactured for Procella Audio in Italy. The DSP software programming is proprietary to Procella Audio and programming and final QA are performed at Procella Audio’s factory in Sweden.

In channel pairs, users can select from four DSP presets. For the P18, P15, P10 or P10Si subwoofers these presets optimize frequency response. For the P860, P815 and P610 speakers, the presets also create active DSP crossovers. The standard DA-2800DSP has its presets pre-programmed at the factory to accommodate the majority of Procella models. Custom preset programming, per the customer’s request, is also available when the amplifier is special ordered in advance, suitable for use with the Procella P860 or for unique system configurations. The non-DSP DA-2800 can be used for speakers and system channels where DSP is not required.

Multiple speaker models can be driven simultaneously by DA-2800, depending on system requirements. For example, two or three channels of the amplifier’s four channels can be used for main speakers, with a remaining channel used to drive a subwoofer.

Occupying a single rack unit in height, it weighs 7.4 Kg (16.3 lbs.). The amplifier has a four year parts and labor warranty and has earned both CE and CSA safety certifications.

Procella Audio