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Eventide ShimmerVerb Plug-In — A Real-World Review

Producer/composer Rich Tozzoli puts the Eventide Shimmerverb plug-in to the test and finds it "opens up a whole new world."

Eventide Shimmerverb
Eventide Shimmerverb

As a longtime H9 Multi-Effect Pedal user, it’s good to see Eventide creatively breaking out its elements for our use in desktop applications. Part of a number of releases from its new H9 plug-in series, ShimmerVerb combines reverb, feedback and pitch shifting to add an ethereal gloss to your tracks. I’ve used Shimmer H9 presets on guitars and pads to write super moody tracks for a number of TV shows, but to now have it as a plug-in opens up a whole new world.

The GUI features In and Out levels and Meters, Mix, Decay, Size, Pitch A and Pitch B and Delay. Below that sit Low, Mid and High, Feedback and a Tempo section for Off, Sync or Manual. At the bottom resides the ribbon controller, as well as Active, Hotswitch and Freeze buttons.

There are a few important features that can help you get the most out of this plug-in: The Pitch A and B knobs work in cents where 1 cent = 1/100th of a semitone, with parallel shift amounts that only work in musical intervals up or down 2 octaves. It focuses on fourths, fifths, octaves and 2 octaves, meaning any adjustment will remain musical and not dissonant.

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As for the Low, Mid and High, it’s not traditional EQ; they are a three-band crossover network that works post-reverb in the feedback loop. The Feedback knob feeds the pitched reverb back into the reverb for its own feedback loop, but by turning Feedback farther up, it goes into Pitch Kill mode, where the pitch shifting is removed from the feedback loop. Pushing it all the way enables Freeze, which freezes the sound (or just use the Freeze button). I’ve used Freeze effectively at the end of tracks to create a super lush endless trail, and by automating your send and the In and Out levels of the plug in, you can take it even farther.

There are some great presets included—just put Nero’s Ascent, Mountains or Hell’s Gate on just about anything and its Game On. Overall though, ShimmerVerb is highly musical, easy to tweak and can quickly take you somewhere new.

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