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Proel Direct Boxes – Audio Clips

Proel DI Boxes: About The Audio Examples

“I combined the left and right outputs of my Alesis synthesizer into mono with a Y-cable, hit each DI (and padded them down -30 dB to prevent clipping), used a Manley TNT preamp (solid-state side) for gain and hit an Apogee Rosetta converter for a 24-bit/44.1 kHz recording in my DAW, where I trimmed levels for equal average level playback. I left some post-roll at the end of each clip to check noise levels and chose a patch with animation and wide frequency response to illustrate the differences.

Notice the balanced response and detail in the high-end of the DB1-A (webclip #1); notice the fatter bottom and smoother top-end detail of the DB1-P (webclip #2); and notice the DB2-A has different depth and width to its soundstage and a slightly different character to its noise floor (webclip #3).” — Rob Tavaglione

Proel DB1-A Direct Box by Pro Audio Review Magazine

Proel DB1-P Direct Box by Pro Audio Review Magazine

Proel DB2-A Direct Box by Pro Audio Review Magazine