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Professional Wireless Systems Debuts TS Series Helical Antenna

PWS’s new Tour Series helical antenna is intended to provide the same service as the company’s standard versions, but with a lower profile.

Professional Wireless Systems' Tour Series (TS) Helical Antenna
Professional Wireless Systems’ Tour Series (TS) Helical Antenna

Orlando, FL (March 5, 2021) — Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) has launched its new Tour Series (TS) Helical Antenna for IEM, wireless mic and intercom usage, designed with a lower profile to make its presence less obtrusive in live event settings.

The TS Helical differs from the company’s standard helical versions (available in both the 460-900 and 900-1000 MHz frequency ranges) due to its size. All PWS helical units have circular polarization, created by a rigid helix to help provide consistent performance, but the helix on the TS is significantly shorter than the traditional version by almost 7 inches .

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The all-new smoked, transparent materials are intended to help the TS blend in with staging and scenery. Nonetheless, it maintains the brand’s traditional helical design. According to PWS, the circular motion of the RF field emitted by a helical antenna distributes the signal through all possible polarizations, reducing the risk of drop-outs. The RF energy rotates through all 360 degrees of polarization, providing reception in the artist’s ears and in the wireless mics receiver. It can be used as either a transmitting antenna or a receiving antenna.

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