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Propellerhead Debuts Reason Quad Note Generator Rack Extension

New plug-in aids creative process, developing melodies, rhythms and harmonies.

Stockholm, Sweden (December 10, 2018)—Propellerhead Software has released the Quad Note Generator Player Rack Extension for Reason.

The new Player Device helps create bass lines, leads lines or other musical phrases to fit music, based on scale and preferences for rhythm and variation.

Propellerhead Unveils Reason 10.1 Update

The plug-in can be used as a starting point for songwriting, or to rework a track in progress. If desired, users can record the Quad Note Generator performance into Reason’s main sequencer for final editing. With the freeze function, users can also create phrases that are part repetitive and part improvisational in nature.

Quad Note Generator features four separate note generators that can create musical melodies and patterns. Users can control variations for note and rhythm, and the plug-in comes with a variety of patches to get them started.

Quad Note Generator is available on the Propellerhead store for $69.

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