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PWS Bows Seven RF Wireless Products

NAB saw Professional Wireless Systems unveil a plethora of RF gear.

Orlando, FL (April 18, 2018)—At NAB last week, Professional Wireless Systems announced seven new products for wireless systems.

Among the offerings was the new PWS 4X4, which provides quad antenna distribution for the Shure Axient Digital Quadversity wireless microphone system. The unit can handle up to four receivers and features 470-616 MHz filtering, bias power control/status LEDs for each input, rotary attenuators, and dual power inputs that allow for redundant power.

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Also on-hand was the V-IC, 4-zone intercom multicoupler for the VHF range, intended for use with Radio Active Designs UV-1G wireless intercom systems. Set for use in the VHF frequency range, filtered for 179-216 MHz, its four antenna inputs are combined, filtered and amplified to unity gain. Eight outputs supply signal for up to eight UV-1G base stations.

The P-812S houses eight independent, passive two-way RF splitters, enabling\ 2-zone transmission for up to four UV-1G base stations. Meanwhile, the UX-8 updates the GX-8 transmit combiner, sporting new input status LEDs and a XLR5 rear power connector.

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The DC-4R is a 1RU power supply for up to four Radio Active Design bases or chargers, while the I/O-8 is a rack-mounted, 4-wire to XLR patch panel, supporting XLR patching for eight 4-wire ports. Lastly, PWS inline RF filters for UHF and VHF have also been updated to work in a post-auction wireless environment; 169-217 MHz and 470-616 MHz models have shipped.

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