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QSC Debuts AC-C2T Ceiling Loudspeaker

QSC has introduced its new AC-C2T AcousticCoverage Series loudspeaker.

Costa Mesa, CA (December 15, 2017)—QSC has introduced and shipped the new AC-C2T AcousticCoverage Series loudspeaker.

Intended for lower ceiling use to handle tasks like conference reinforcement, background music, paging and the like, the AC-C2T is a 2.75-inch, full-range loudspeaker with 70/100V transformer and 8 ohm bypass.

According to Travis Nie, product manager for QSC Installed Loudspeakers, the AC-C2T offers a wide conical coverage, intended to help reduce the number of loudspeakers needed to cover a space.

Integrators can use advanced voicing with Intrinsic Correction via the Q-SYS Platform or CXD Series amplifiers. The AC-C2T includes a 4-pole Euroblock connector to loop through wiring.