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QSC To Debut Q-SYS Core 110f

QSC will introduce its new Q-SYS Core 110f network audio solution at the upcoming InfoComm show later this month.

Orlando, FL (June 1, 2015)—QSC will introduce its new Q-SYS Core 110f network audio solution at the upcoming InfoComm show later this month.

The Q-SYS Core 110f is the latest addition to the Q-SYS lineup, providing networking integration via Q-LAN, which uses IT standard Layer-3 protocols. Additionally, the Core 110f is AES67-ready to provide interoperability with a growing list of third-party network audio products which will support the standard.

The unit features software-based implementation of DSP, providing processing power and giving integrators the flexibility to add AEC channels without additional hardware, designated in software. Flex analog audio channels can be selected as inputs or outputs for nearly any matrix size, and VoIP, POTS, or both telephony connectivity options can be used without purchasing additional hardware. The platform is built on Intel technology and Q-LAN networking integration, providing streams audio over IP using IT standard Layer-3 protocols plus device discovery, control, telemetry and audio monitoring.

In addition to the eight fixed mic/line inputs and eight fixed outputs, Core 110f provides eight flexible channels that can be software defined in real time as inputs or outputs. Single channel granularity makes it possible to configure each channel independent of the others. In total, Core 110f provides 24 I/O capability in 1 rack unit space.

Additionally working as a Multi-Instance USB Host and Device Audio, it provides up to 16×16 USB audio channels that can be spilt in any combination or ratio and appear in the host operating system as multiple devices over one USB connection such as a 1×1 speaker phone plus an audio recording interface. In addition, the Core 110f can act as a host for future USB audio devices that can be connected directly to the Core 110f for processing and distribution.

The Q-SYS Core 110f will be demonstrated in a fully functioning boardroom at InfoComm Booth 909.

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