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Radial Bows MC3 Studio Monitor Controller

Radial Engineering has launched its MC3 studio monitor controller.

Vancouver, BC (November 11, 2011)—Radial Engineering has launched its MC3 studio monitor controller, a “straight wire,” passive monitor switcher and headphone amp designed to provide smaller production studios with a monitor, sub and headphone management system.

Company president Peter Janis states, “Smart studios make money by being able to work in all mediums. For instance, the ultimate playback can occur on ear buds, headphones, TVs, computers, gaming, car stereos and, of course, on a sophisticated home entertainment system. Effective mixing requires listening to various types of speakers and headphones to ensure the ultimate mix will translate well and stand up. The Radial MC3 is a cost-effective device that enables today’s smaller production studios and post-production suites to properly address the situation.”

Janis continues, “Although there are all kinds of monitor controllers on the market, in our view, many are either overly complex or introduce active circuitry and artifact in between the recording system and the playback monitors. We wanted to bring an affordable solution to the market that would enable the recording engineer to quickly switch between monitors, listen via headphones and be able to turn on or off a subwoofer.”

Designed for active nearfield monitors, the MC3 is equipped with two stereo outputs and a separate send to feed a subwoofer. Each may be set using a trim control, thus allowing switching between loudspeakers. Separate on-off switches allow any or all to be selected at one time, and an adjustable dim switch may be activated to temporarily reduce the monitor level. A single control acts as the master for setting the listening level.

Radial Engineering