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Radial Debuts JCR Reamp

Radial Engineering has updated Reamp, a passive Reamper.

Vancouver, BC, Canada (July 28, 2011)–Radial Engineering has updated Reamp, a passive Reamper.

According to Radial president Peter Janis, “With over 10 years legacy and customers as diverse as Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and The Rolling Stones, we were careful to retain the original circuit design that John Cuniberti created after we purchased the brand. We sourced the original custom-made U.S. transformer and stayed true to John’s original circuit.”

Janis continues, “But as you all know, our team at Radial can never just leave well enough alone! The new JCR Reamp has been equipped with some fun extras that we think will set the Reamping bar another step higher. This includes a handy mute switch that enables the engineer to turn off the signal coming from the control room and allows him to move mics around the studio without the amp blasting away. We also added a switchable high-cut filter to help tame overly bright amps and a low-cut filter to reduce unwanted resonance.”

The JCR Reamp also features Radial’s bookend design and 14-gauge, I-beam steel construction for added protection.

Radial Engineering