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Radial Engineering JDV Mk5 Active Direct Box

This road-ready, 100% discrete Class A DI is packed with unique features.

Featuring design elements by noted tech John Vrtacic (Vancouver’s Little Mountain Studios), Radial Engineering’s JDV Mk5 ($449.99) is a 100 percent discrete Class A active direct box featuring zero-negative feedback topology; two inputs with front panel or remote control A/B input selection, volume control, and signal presence and overload LEDs; and a fully variable high-pass filter to tame excessive bottom end resonance.

Input-A is equipped with Radial’s Drag control load correction, side-access ‘mic select’ and 48V phantom power; Input-B is equipped with a load selector switch plus a built-in Phazer for audio source alignment. The JDV Mk5’s rear panel is also packed with features including a thru-put to feed an on-stage amplifier; side-access switch; dedicated tuner output; and balanced XLR output with 180° polarity reverse.

Radial Engineering