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Radial Engineering PhazeQ Phase Adjustment Tool for 500 Series-compatible chassis

Radial Engineering has announced the PhazeQ, a phase adjustment tool that is both a phase canceling device and summing equalizer for 500 series chassis.

Unlike other phase adjustment tools that are chip based or digitally created in the box, the PhazeQ features 100 percent discrete class-A electronics that produce a richer, warmer sounding tone. A variable phase control shifts the incoming signal from 0 to 180 degrees and then extends the effect to 360 degrees using a simple polarity invert switch. The blend control is set to 100 percent wet when the PhazeQ is used in tandem with another track. When used by itself, the blend is rotated counterclockwise to set the desired wet-dry signal mix. To further focus the effect, a variable low pass filter allows the engineer to dial out high frequencies thus only applying phase cancellation to the bottom end. This creates interesting effects while leaving natural air. Handy front panel on-off switches make it easy to compare the phase and filter effects without having to reset dial positions.

Price: TBA

Contact: Radial Engineering |