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Radial Offers Free “Who Is Using The WHOS-Doc” — a 500 series rack modules developer’s guide

Radial Engineering’s “Who is using the WHOS-Doc” — a free Open Source Document/developer’s guide to building 500 series rack modules — has now been downloaded by manufacturers, developers and enthusiasts from all around the world: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and Montenegro, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, Uruguay and the USA.

“We are closing in on almost one hundred downloads of the document and preliminary feedback has been very positive,” offers Radial President Peter Janis. “We’ve had indications that we should see some products roll out this fall that take advantage of the specifications in the standard and that also incorporate the Omniport option available on our own Workhorse 500 series rack.”

JLM Audio of Australia was one of the first to work with the standard. They now include a mix buss output on all five of their modules and will incorporate the Omniport option in the future.

Meanwhile, Grace Design is also working on a new module that implements the Omniport and the Radial buss feed function. “The Radial Workhorse Open Source Document is a good step towards further establishing the 500 series module convention while also making some well thought out improvements to the platform,” offers Eben Grace of Grace Design. “We are glad to know that developers such as ourselves can look to a well thought out standardization scheme to enhance the quality and compatibility of the platform.” 

Download the doc: CLICK HERE

Read PAR’s full review of the Workhorse: CLICK HERE

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