Radial Ships Cab-Link Solution


Vancouver, Canada (July 5, 2017)—Now shipping, Radial Engineering’s Cab-Link ($79 USD) is a compact solution for audio engineers and instrumentalists, particularly guitarists, to utilize an amplifier’s single speaker output to connect to two cabinets simultaneously. 

The passive Cab-Link combines two cabinets in either series or parallel configuration, allowing their total impedance to match the output impedance of the amp. Both cabinets are connected via speaker cables to outputs A and B, and an simple guide on the top of the Cab-Link explains signal flow, depending on the cabinet impedance ratings. For example, if a user has two 8 Ohm speaker cabinets, those can be combined in series for a 16 Ohm amplifier, or in parallel for use with a 4 Ohm amp. 

The output of an amplifier connects to one of two input jacks; either the series or parallel input can be used depending on which configuration is required.

Cab-Link features also include a line out—feeding another amplifier, effects unit, etc.—and a dedicated level control for fine-tuning of this output. According to Radial, Cab-Link can easily handle amp outputs of up to 400 watts. 

The Cab-Link is built in Canada and comes with Radial's three-year warranty.

Radial Engineering