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Radial Ships The Presenter Mixer

Radial’s new small mixer is aimed at corporate audio users.

Vancouver, Canada (May 15, 2018)—Radial Engineering is now shipping its The Presenter compact mixer.

Intended for presentations ranging from school discussions to library programs to corporate audio, the mixer combines a microphone preamp and a USB program input to create an interface that can be used by pros and presenters alike.

The USB input on the Presenter allows for direct connection to a laptop for audio playback, perfect for presentations that include digital audio files, or for DJ applications. The connection also provides power for the Presenter, eliminating the need to carry around a separate power adapter.

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For connection to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, a 3.5mm stereo input jack is included on the front of the unit, and can be adjusted using the program level control. The XLR microphone input is paired with low and high EQ controls to tailor the frequency response, along with a low cut filter that rolls off low end.

Both the microphone and the playback signals are mixed to stereo XLR balanced outputs, which can be connected directly to a PA system or a pair of powered speakers. A mono switch is provided if only one speaker is needed, and a ground lift is onboard to prevent buzz or hum from ground loops.

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The Presenter includes a port for a Kensington lock to secure it for permanent installations, and it can also be used as a USB recording interface, so speeches or lectures can be recorded for later use.

The Presenter has a MAP of $299.99 U.S.

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