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Review: ArdourXchange Import Software

Simply stated, ArdourXchange is a must for every Mixbus user.

Pro Tools remains our industry’s dominant DAW, so compatibility becomes a huge issue for any engineer who has made the decision to use a different DAW. For those folks, ArdourXchange ($49.50) comes to the rescue. UK-based Creative Post Production offers this conversion program allowing Mixbus users to import OMF/AAF sessions directly into Mixbus. It’s important to note that ArdourXchange only imports the actual audio clips along with their positional information; with the exception of audio clip fade-in and fade-out data, the application doesn’t import any time-varying data.

I experimented moving several sessions of varying track counts, sample rates and bit depths between Pro Tools and Mixbus 32C with flawless results. I also opened multiple AAF files created on other DAWs and again, the results were flawless.

I discovered one potential problem; OMF and AAF files can contain two kinds of media—embedded media (where the audio files are embedded inside the OMF or AAF file) and non-embedded media (where the audio clips are not included in the OMF or AAF file).

ArdourXchange only functions with embedded media. This isn’t a problem when going from Pro Tools to Mixbus, but some DAWs (such as Logic Pro X) don’t support the creation of embedded AAF or OMF files.

Simply stated, ArdourXchange is a must for every Mixbus user.

Creative Post Production