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Review: Hofa CD-Burn & DDP Software

Rob Tavaglione. For $55, Hofa’s CD-Burn & DDP is a user-friendly bargain.

I don’t know about you, but for me the seemingly simple process of CD authoring is sometimes ruined by disc burning and duplication problems. CD-Text is often part of the problem and DDP masters seem to be just as bad as clumsy physical discs at fostering bad replicates. The last affordable authoring software I reviewed (and the key word is affordable) turned out to not work so well after all. And I’d hate to have to spend $750 on pro-level disc authoring software for an aging medium.

Then I discovered Hofa CD-Burn & DDP software and, as a result, I’ve found a solution. All the software does is author CDs, so simplicity may be its defining trait. The software is sufficiently deep with all the necessary features: ISRC coding, UPC coding, ample metadata fields, crossfades, moveable start IDs, pre-gap markers, etc. Here’s the full rundown:

I won’t bore you with minute details of operation, but the tools and controls allow easy song placement, repositioning, crossfading and coding. Disc burning allows various speeds and appears to be forgiving of numerous drive makes/models and multiple disc brands. Perhaps more importantly, DDP authoring is equally simple. The software creates all the various folders and directories, places them in one tidy zip folder and apparently makes for good replicating/duplicating at the manufacturer of your choice. And HOFA Plugins work with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and WinXP, as well as Intel-Mac from OS X 10.6.

For about $55 (a standalone version), I’m finally making CD-R and DDP masters easily and without replication issues—it’s about time! For what it’s worth, Hofa is an interesting German company with a wide range of products, including their buzzed-about software IQ Limiter and a large selection of acoustic materials/treatments. If this CD authoring software is any indication, their extended product line deserves a closer look.

For $55, Hofa’s CD-Burn & DDP is a user-friendly bargain.


Rob Tavaglione is the owner/operator of Charlotte’s Catalyst Recording, the region’s most prolific audio production facility focusing on independent music creators and clients.