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Review: QSC TouchMix-8 Digital Mixer

The QSC TouchMix-8 is a 12-channel compact digital mixer that packs a ton of power in a small package.

Pro Sound News reviewer and noted TV music composer Rich Tozzoli recently held his annual private St. John Recording Retreat with friends and colleagues, and used the opportunity to review gear in paradise—like this:

The QSC TouchMix-8 is a 12-channel compact digital mixer that packs a ton of power in a small package. Light, small and easy to use, it allows you to have a seriously professional live gig sound with built-in reverb, gating, EQ, real-time pitch processing, presets, automated “wizards” and full touchscreen access. Since we were playing some club shows at night on the island, the TouchMix-8 fit right in with our desire for easy-to-use and compact yet powerful gear. We ran the output into a pair of QSC K12 powered live speakers plus another K12 serving as stage monitor. The monitor was fed via XLR from Aux 1, of which access is allowed via a quick press of the Aux button on the top of the board. You can have up to four Aux monitor mixes with this unit, which is amazing considering its size. To quickly get back to the main page, you simply hit the Home button and its channel strips come back into view.

What we liked the best about the TouchMix-8 was its immediacy and quality of sound. It was on a different sonic level than any of the other compact mixers we had collectively used over the years; you truly notice the difference as a performer and as a mixer. That, and we were able to instantly recall the settings for our shows, including one venue we played twice. Turn it on, plug everything in, and recall the show settings: It’s literally just a minute or two of work.

That said, we honestly didn’t even use it to its full potential…yet. While mixing for live purposes, TouchMix-8 users can capture 14 channels directly to USB (all 12 mono channels, plus the stereo mix), which can be quickly mixed in the QSC itself or exported out to a DAW using the TouchMix DAW Utility 2.0). Also, there’s the ability to control your mix and monitors with a smartphone or tablet app, which has a ton of obvious plusses. All that in a nice little carrying case and TouchMix-8 is as “no-brainer” as it gets when it comes to a compact, powerful small live mixer.