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Review: SENAL ASM-6 Nearfield Monitor

The ASM-6 is a very impressive monitor for under $500 each.

The ASM-6 by SENAL Sound—a new name to the pro audio marketplace—is a no-nonsense, over-achieving, well-designed and truly professional active monitor. At 110W RMS/channel and weighing in at 22.4 lbs., the ASM-6 features a rigid aluminum alloy enclosure with oval rear port; 6.5” “midwoofer” and 0.8” metal dome tweeter; 9.5” x 9.8” x 13.8” dimensions; and a 38 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-2.5dB) frequency range and 3 kHz crossover frequency. Well chosen frequency adjustments reside on its back panel: LF, +2, 0, -2 dB (200 Hz); mid-LF, 0, -2, -4dB (500 Hz); +1, 0, -1 dB (10 kHz); HPF at 38, 48, or 58 Hz.

As implied above, the ASM-6 is a very impressive monitor for under $500 each. I find it confidence building and striking in build quality, too; it sounds and appears to be far pricier than it is. The ASM-6’s sound is full, punchy, deep and exciting yet seemingly very accurate. Imaging is notably pin-point detailed.

Most notably, SENAL Sound’s ovoidal cabinet shape allows for incredibly detailed positioning; the included rubber “shoe,” for lack of a better word, clearly does a good job of isolating the mounting surface from the ASM-6’s sympathetic vibrations. On my desk at meter bridge-height, the ASM-6 is probably more easily positioned to each ear than any near-field I’ve had the opportunity to use. Standing vertically, I easily reached the speaker’s volume control on the top right facing side and the power switch directly below.

The ASM Series—also available in 3”, 4” and 5” models—provides qualities found in far pricier studio monitor options. For the uninitiated, SENAL Sound’s nearfield monitors are worth a serious listen.

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