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RME, Synthax Debut MADIface Pro I/O

RME and its U.S. distributor, Synthax, have unveiled the new MADIface Pro desktop interface.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (November 2, 2016)—RME and its U.S. distributor, Synthax, have unveiled the new MADIface Pro desktop interface.

While aesthetically similar to RME’s Babyface Pro interface with its integrated XLR and analog I/O’s, the new MADIface Pro replaces the ADAT I/O with a MADI port, enabling it to handle 64 channels of audio on a single cable.

In terms of basic functionality, the MADIface Pro offers two analog mic/line XLR inputs, two XLR line outputs, two universal TS inputs for line or instrument, and two stereo TRS outputs for low/high impedance headphones. The included TotalMix FX software adds 3-band parametric EQs and reverb/ echo, plus unlimited mixing and routing options. The unit also features MIDI I/O, operates via USB bus power and normally does not require an external power supply, unless the MADI I/O is used.

The MADIface Pro’s optical MADI I/O offers 64 input and output channels with sample rates up to 192 kHz over a distance up to more than 6,500 feet. MADI I/O is supported in the included RME TotalMix FX software, with the analog I/Os being simultaneously available, resulting in 68 channels input and 68 channels output over USB 2.

When not connected to a computer, the MADIface Pro enters stand-alone mode, so MADI channels 1 to 64 are passed unchanged from input to output but are refreshed by the MADIface Pro SteadyClock III. Optionally, channels 1/2 can be replaced by the input signals 1/2, 3/4, MADI 1/2 or a user-adjustable mixdown of all channels. The unit’s analog outputs can be used to listen to any incoming MADI channel pair.

Synthax Inc.