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Roland M-300 Digital Mixing Console

Possesses many of the features and benefits of the M-400 V-Mixer, but in a compact format.

Fast Facts


Roland Systems Group |
Roland Systems Group has added to its V-Mixing System lineup by introducing the M- 300 digital mixing console. The M-300 V-Mixer is a 32-channel console that possesses many of the features and benefits of the M-400 V-Mixer, but in a compact format.

The M-300 V-Mixer features rapid recall of setups, 17 – 100mm motorized faders, an 800 x 480 color screen, and knobs for EQ, Pan, and Gain. It includes digital patch-bays, built-in effects processors, eight Auxes, four Matrices, four DCAs, four Mute Groups, built-in stereo recording/playback and support for LCR configurations. This fully digital system is built on REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) and eliminates the bulk and noise susceptibility typically associated with analog snakes and replaces it with Cat-5e (Ethernet/LAN) cable. It is easy to use and sets up in minutes by plugging in one lightweight Cat-5e cable from a choice of Digital Snake stage units (up to 80 inputs) making it ideal for portable applications and corporate events.

The system generates top sound quality by converting analog inputs to 24-bit digital streams at the stage end via mic preamps located near the source. The V-Mixing System then secures the quality of audio signal throughout the complete system path en route to the M-300 V-Mixer, back to any outputs and on to limitless split positions. The 40-channel assignable output split can be used with the M-48 personal mixing system and the multichannel recording options from Cakewalk.