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Roland R-26 Portable Field Recorder

Roland Systems Group’s Roland R-26 Portable Field Recorder is a “multi-dimensional recorder” that provides up to six simultaneous channels of pro-quality audio recording to SD/SDHC media. With two types of built-in stereo mics, XLR/TRS combo inputs, USB audio interface functionality, the compact R-26 is perfect for applications including location sound design, event production, legal court recording, event videography, and musical performances. Both omnidirectional and XY stereo mic types are integrated into the R-26’s chassis and there are two XLR/TRS combo inputs with phantom power for connecting high quality external mics or line-level devices, plus a stereo mini-jack for a plug-in powered mic. The R-26 is equipped with Roland’s proprietary IARC (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit) on the inputs for the built-in mics and as well as the external inputs. This analog circuit is completely isolated from the digital circuitry and has its own power supply, reducing digital noise. The growing popularity of film and event production using HDSLR cameras makes the R-26 a clear choice for video professionals wanting high quality audio capture. Its compact design, power options and optional accessories allow you to record anywhere.

Audio from the onboard mics can be mixed internally in the R-26 and captured to a single stereo file. The onboard mics and external inputs can be recorded as three separate stereo files (six channels total) for mixing together later. Resolutions from MP3 up to 24-bit/96 kHz are supported, and available file types include WAV and BWF. The unit can also record both WAV/BWF and MP3 formats simultaneously — ideal for being able to post or email material quickly while still having a high-res version to edit later. Built-in on board effects such as a limiter, low-cut filter helps reduce distortion and noise while recording. 

The R-26’s large touch screen provides detailed level metering and convenient fingertip control over many functions and is equipped with a high-luminance backlight. A voice memo function lets you add up to 30 seconds of audio to an existing recording, which is ideal for adding field notes to accompany your audio recording.

USB 2.0 allows for both data transfer and audio interface functionality with Windows and Mac-based computers. Users can connect the R-26 and use its built-in mics and external inputs as a high-quality input device with their audio recording software. Loop-back recording allows users to combine audio from the R-26’s mics with streaming audio from the PC.

With the threaded rear-panel mount, the R-26 can be mounted on any standard tripod stand providing a clean sound away from table vibration or handling noise. Standard AA batteries or the included AC adaptor can power the R-26.

Package components include R-26, SD Card, windscreen, Cakewalk SONAR LE (for Windows), USB cable and AC power adaptor.

Price: $599 list

Contact: Roland Systems Group |