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Roland Unveils VT-4 Voice Transformer

Desktop effects processor lets users get hands-on with vocals.

Los Angeles, CA (October 16, 2018)—It’s time to get in touch with your inner Darth Vader, as Roland has unveiled the VT-4 Voice Transformer, an effects processor for manipulating voices.

Aimed at podcasters, streamers, singers and the like, the unit offers effects such as harmony, vocoding, pitch shifting, hard tuning, ambience, and more, all able to be used sparingly or with brute force.

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The battery-powered unit offers direct control over both pitch and format, providing a variety of male/female gender characteristics, electronic timbres, robot voices and more. Each effect has a selection of one-touch variations for quick access to different vocoder characteristics, various lo-fi effects, multi-part harmonies, and various reverbs and delays. Effects can also be chained, and users can create and set their own presets.

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When teamed witha MIDI keyboard, users to guide the Auto-Pitch, harmony, and vocoder engines within the VT-4 with notes and chords. This makes it possible to hard-tune the vocal input to specific pitches, play the keyboard with vocoded voocing, and create multi-part backing vocal stacks on the fly.

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