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Roland Updates V-Mixing System

Roland Systems Group has released updated drivers and software for its V-Mixing System components.

Los Angeles, CA (October 3, 2012)—Roland Systems Group has released updated drivers and software for its V-Mixing System components.

The newly released Mac/PC S-4000RCS Version 2.3 control software for the standalone Digital Snake and M-48 Personal Mixing System reportedly offers workflow improvements that include Resizable windows that allow the user to simply drag the assignment window out to see all 40 sources down one side and 16 groups across the top; a TAB between fields in any assignment area, patchbay, naming groups and so forth; the ability to right click on group knobs to see what is currently assigned to that group; or select sources directly.

The S-4000RCS is the setup and control software for Personal Mixing and Digital Snake systems when a Roland V-Mixer is not part of the configuration. This software enables M-48 Personal Mixers and other Digital Snake products to be used stand-alone or with any other console in any audio environment.

With the recent Apple release of the Mountain Lion OS, Roland Systems Group has provided updated drivers for V-Mixer consoles to run the Remote Control Software (RCS) for Mac. These drivers are only necessary if you have updated your Mac to run on Mac OS 10.8. Previous Mac OS versions can use the pre 10.8 drivers. These drivers are available for the Roland M-480, M-400, M-380, and M-300 V-Mixer consoles, and the R-1000 Multi-channel Recorder/Player.

Roland Systems Group also has released remote control software (RCS) for the R-1000, a 48-channel multi-track recorder/player to support Mac OS 10.8. The R-1000 can be remotely controlled from a V-Mixer Console or directly from the R-1000 RCS software.

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