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Roland VR-3 Audio Mixer/Video Switcher

Similar to the popular Roland VR-5, the VR-3’s “all-in-one” design greatly simplifies production and streaming of live events. The VR-3’s innovative design incorporates a video switcher, audio mixer, preview monitors and streaming-ready USB output, all in a single unit. As a USB Video/Audio class device, web streaming is simple: connect to a computer running a live streaming service such as USTREAM, Livestream, etc. “The reduction in hardware equipment, setup time and connection complexity ensures a worry-free, easy to use solution for any event,” offers Roland.

Weighing less than five pounds, the VR-3 features a four-channel video switcher; four Mono (XLR or 1⁄4-inch) and two stereo mixable audio channels; built-in stereo microphone for mixing in ambient sound; scan converter for PC input with a thru for connecting a projector
or display; single LCD monitor with touch control to view a quad display of inputs, program out or combination quad view with program out; video effects including keying, split screen, and picture-in-picture; audio effects including Noise Gate, EQ, Reverb, Noise Suppressor,

enhancer and master Lo/Hi filters; USB video/audio class device for web streaming or recording via DAW.

Price: TBA

Contact: Roland Systems Group |