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Roswell Introduces Colares Condenser Vocal Mic

Boutique mic company debuts new flagship recording microphone.

Sebastopol, CA (September 25, 2018)—Roswell Pro Audio has shipped its new flagship condenser microphone, the Colares, intended for recording vocalists.

The Colares uses a transformer-coupled JFET circuit topology to produce musical harmonic saturation and sports an edge-terminated capsule.

The pad switch reduces both level and harmonic coloration, and a three-way filter switch allows the choice of three low-frequency rolloff points, to compensate for mic placement and proximity effect.

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Every Colares is hand-built, tuned, and tested in Roswell Pro Audio’s Northern California headquarters. The mic ships in a custom, heavy-duty flight case, with a Rycote shockmount.

The Colares retails for $1,259.

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