First introduced at this year’s NAMM Show, the new microphone is now available.

Sebastopol, CA (April 17, 2019)—Roswell Pro Audio has shipped its new Delphos II all-purpose studio condenser microphone.

According to Roswell, the Delphos II aims to provide an un-hyped natural frequency response, high sensitivity and low self-noise, while including a figure-8 polar pattern and updated electronics designed to reduce ultrasonic noise. The updated microphone features a new, larger body than the original Delphos, adorned in custom metallic blue paint.

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The Delphos II uses a transformerless circuit; two switches provide a choice of Cardioid, Omni and Figure 8 polar patterns, as well as a 10 dB pad. The mic reportedly has a frequency range of 20 Hz to 16 kHz. Its sensitivity is 40mV/Pa, with a self-noise level rated at 12 dBA.

The microphone’s circuit is built by hand in the US, using low-noise NOS transistors and audiophile capacitors. Each Delphos II is assembled in California, burned in, and tested after manufacturing. The Delphos II ships in a custom, heavy-duty flight case with a proprietary Roswell Cutaway shock mount.

The Delphos II runs $999 MSRP.

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