You axed for it, you got it.

Burbank, CA (September 11, 2019)— Royer Labs has released the AxeMount Dual Microphone Mount, created to aid the blending a Royer R-121 ribbon mic with a Shure 57-styled dynamic mic.

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A R-121 and a 57 paired up to capture an electric guitar amp is a common sight on the road and in the studio, and the new dual mount mic clip is intended to make their use a simpler process, positioning the mics with the setup phase-aligned and ready to go on a single mic stand. The AxeMount also accommodates Royer R-122, R-122 MKll and R-122V ribbon microphones.

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The AxeMount Dual Microphone Mount carries an MSRP of $49.99 and is available now. Co-designed with SLR of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the AxeMount is manufactured by SLR in Canada.