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RTW TouchMonitor V.2 Software Update

RTW has introduced the latest firmware Version 2 (V2) featuring enhancements and optimizations for its successful TouchMonitor series. According to the company, the TouchMonitor is a “response to growing demands to adhere to loudness requirements in modern production, post-production and broadcast environments.”

A major enhancement to the V2 firmware is the LRA instrument. It depicts the Loudness Range (LRA) descriptor specified in EBU R128, combining what are arguably the two most critical loudness-metering parameters.

In addition to the LRA instrument, the TouchMonitor V2 firmware offers the new PPM-instrument view derived from RTW peak meters featuring gas-plasma displays and the moving-coil instrument that implements various types of pointer instruments (including an M/S combo display) on the screen. Another new feature is the global keyboard, a customizable keypad that can be used for issuing global start/stop/reset messages. It also allows for controlling the TouchMonitor using the integrated GPIO interface.

Stay tuned to PAR for our upcoming review of the TouchMonitor. 

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