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Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite Mixer

Rupert Neve Designs has introduced its 5059 16x2x2 satellite mixer. To kick off the 5059, the company is giving away Serial #2, signed and approved by Neve himself, at its website. The 5059 features 16 channels with individual level, pan, inserts, stereo-2 sends, and master texture controls, providing integration with outboard equipment, control for two separate stem mixes, and more.

The 5059 sports custom transformers and true class-A topologies that are said to have been fine-tuned over a number of years to provide sonic performance and “virtually eliminate cross-over distortion. “ Combined with the company namesake’s transformer design and implementation, the 5059 is said to achieve “the signature warmth and larger-than-life sound reminiscent of Rupert’s classic designs.”

Price: TBA

Contact: Rupert Neve Designs |