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Safe Sound Debuts Tracking Toolbox

Safe Sound Audio has introduced the Tracking Toolbox, a new mic pre/compressor/limiter.

New York (November 10, 2011)—Safe Sound Audio has introduced the Tracking Toolbox, a new mic pre/compressor/limiter.

The Tracking Toolbox, which replaces Safe Sound’s very first product, the P1, is aimed for vocals and other sources requiring a wide open mic pre-amp combined with a compressor.

The Class-A discrete transistor mic pre-amp is said to feed a second servo IC stage to boost the maximum gain up through 70dB. The featured peakride compression can be dialed in when tracking, and reportedly evens out levels muscially.

Among the features included are an electronically balanced, Class A discrete transistor mic pre feeding a servo IC second stage. Wide bandwidth (only 0.5dB down at 60kHz even at full gain) open sound with more than 70dB of gain available. Mic pre input headroom is +20dBu so no input pad is required for high output microphones. It sports front-panel access to a high impedance instrument input. As for its Balanced Line Input, a single gain knob is used for all three inputs. There’s a switchable 80Hz hi-pass filter with 18dB/octave slope. A Balanced Insert allows the insertion of EQ pre dynamics if required or users can record direct from the mic amp output (insert send) and use the insert return to make the dynamics section available to a different channel source.

As for the compressor, the Tracking Toolbox compressor uses Safe Sound’s multi-sideband design called ‘peakride,’ providing fully adjustable Threshold, Ratio and Attack. Meanwhile, the unit’s switchable fixed threshold limiter program-related elements of ‘look ahead’ dynamic threshold control with dynamic adjustment of attack time.

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