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Samson Debuts MLI1 Mono Passive Isolation Box

New isolation box takes aim at buzz and hum.

Hicksville, NY (July 27, 2018)—Samson has launched its new MLI1 Mono Passive Isolation Box. The MLI1 is a line-level passive isolation box intended to remove hum and buzz caused by ground loops and to convert unbalanced signals to balanced signals for long cable runs.

Designed to provide signal connections for live, broadcast and studio applications, the MLI1 features Samson’s STL transformer, which is said to provide flat frequency response from 10 Hz–35 kHz (±0.2 dB).

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The transformer isolates the input signal from the output signal to remove DC noise, while a Ground Lift switch disconnects the ground from the input and output connections, eliminating hum caused by ground loops.

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Housed in a 14-gauge steel chassis, the MLI1 is built to withstand use on the road. Additionally, it offers flexible connectivity with 1/4″ and XLR input and output connections.

The Samson MLI1 is now available for $39.90.

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