Selected Audio Clips: RND Portico 5017

Hear audio clips referenced in Rob's review of the Portico 5017.
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"I tracked some acoustic guitar with the 5017 and tried the two input method, simulating some of the 5017’s live applications. With that Oceanus miking the neck/body junc- ture and the guitar’s output hitting the DI, I blended the mic and DI about 50/50, engaged the compressor (jumpered into affecting both signals), engaged Variphase, added Silk and bypassed the HPF. The sound was clear, focused and musical with Variphase making a positive, if only slight improvement in punch and clarity." - Rob Tavaglione

Portico 5017 Guitar mic and DI by NB Pro Audio

"I tried both inputs with a singer/songwriter, this time with his vocal in the mic input. Blend allowed me to get a good guitar/voice balance, and Variphase was helpful in getting the guitar bleed to be coherent with the DI ." - Rob Tavaglione

Portico 5017 Voice and guitar by NB Pro Audio