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Selected Audio Clips: RND Portico 5017

Hear audio clips referenced in Rob's review of the Portico 5017.

“I tracked some acoustic guitar with the 5017 and tried the two input method, simulating some of the 5017’s live applications. With that Oceanus miking the neck/body junc- ture and the guitar’s output hitting the DI, I blended the mic and DI about 50/50, engaged the compressor (jumpered into affecting both signals), engaged Variphase, added Silk and bypassed the HPF. The sound was clear, focused and musical with Variphase making a positive, if only slight improvement in punch and clarity.” – Rob Tavaglione

Portico 5017 Guitar mic and DI by NB Pro Audio

“I tried both inputs with a singer/songwriter, this time with his vocal in the mic input. Blend allowed me to get a good guitar/voice balance, and Variphase was helpful in getting the guitar bleed to be coherent with the DI .” – Rob Tavaglione

Portico 5017 Voice and guitar by NB Pro Audio