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Sennheiser Bows Digital 9000 Wireless Mic

Sennheiser has introduced the Digital 9000, a new digital wireless system reportedly designed to work in dense frequency environments.

Old Lyme, CT (September 12, 2012)—Sennheiser has introduced the Digital 9000, a new digital wireless system reportedly designed to work in dense frequency environments.

This system is fitted with two transmission modes: High Definition (HD) mode will transmit uncompressed, reportedly artifact-free audio, while Long Range (LR) mode has been designed for difficult transmission environments with many sources of interference.

In addition to IR synchronization between receivers and transmitters and a antenna loop-through for creating larger receiving systems, Digital 9000 offers a transmitter design that evenly spaces transmission frequencies, reputedly without generating intermodulation. The receiver also automatically measures the RF cable loss between the receiver and the booster and adjusts the gain accordingly.

A large display on the EM 9046 receiver provide three display modes of important parameters and an icon-based menu. One or more channels can be monitored at a time via the headphone output.

The modular EM 9046 receiver is a mainframe that accommodates up to eight receivers internally. The receiver system covers the UHF range from 470 to 798 MHz (328 MHz bandwidth). To integrate the system into an existing infrastructure, the user can choose between transformer-balanced analog or digital AES3 audio output modules, or a mix of both.

Digital 9000 also offers encrypted data transmission, with proprietary keys generated randomly. With encryption engaged, transmission of sensitive information can be protected against hijacking and tapping.

The SKM 9000 handheld transmitter is compatible with all evolution wireless G3 and 2000 Series microphone heads, including the Neumann capsules KK 204 and KK 205. The SKM 9000 comes with an 88 MHz switching bandwidth, and is available in black and nickel. Command switch versions for communication between broadcast units or artists and their crews are also available. As the handheld transmits digitally, it does not employ a compander and is exempt from the associated noise.

The SK 9000 bodypack transmitter comes in a magnesium housing and can be used with any clip-on or headset mic with a 3-pin Lemo connector; it also has a line input for guitars or other instruments. The SK 9000 is available in four different frequency ranges (88 MHz switching bandwidth); a command switch for communication between crews and artists/reporters is available as an accessory.