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Sennheiser SL Headmic 1 Presenter’s Mic

The SL Headmic 1 headworn condenser features the MKE 1 capsule and weighs 0.2 oz

At a near-weightless 0.2 ounces and available in black or beige, Sennheiser’s new SL Headmic 1 headworn condenser microphone utilizes the omnidirectional MKE 1 capsule and is easily connected to a bodypack transmitter via 3.5mm jack cable, also included. For bodypacks with a 3-pin audio socket, an adapter is available for additional cost. The SL Headmic 1 kit includes a windshield, frequency response cap to raise higher frequencies when the windshield is employed, and a soft case with room for the user’s preferred bodypack transmitter.