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Sensaphonics Debuts D2 Dual Dynamic IEMs

The IEMs are built around a proprietary Dynamic Resonance Chamber.

Chicago, IL (May 7, 2018)—Sensaphonics has unveiled its D2 Dual Dynamic IEM, a dual-driver dynamic in-ear monitor with soft silicone earpieces.

The D2 is based around dual drivers operating in parallel; using a time-aligned, crossover-free configuration, the drivers are housed in the proprietary Dynamic Resonance Chamber, which is said to optimize dynamic driver performance within custom-fit soft silicone earpieces.

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With the silicone earpieces, the D2 carries a certified noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29 dB. Documented broadband isolation sits at a minimum 32.6 dB in the bass range and up to 47.6 dB at high frequencies.

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The D2 uses the same coaxial cable system with MMCX connectors found in other Sensaphonics IEMs, making it compatible with the Shure RMCE-BT1 Bluetooth cable. The Shure BT1 is offered as an optional accessory with the D2, as well as Sensaphonics 2X-S, 2MAX, and 3MAX.

The D2 Dual Dynamic custom IEM sports a $550 MSRP and is shipping.

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