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Sensaphonics Debuts Desiccant

Sensaphonics has launched its Dry & Store Zephyr, an electronic desiccant system.

Chicago, IL (October 10, 2011)—Sensaphonics has launched its Dry & Store Zephyr, an electronic desiccant system.

The Zephyr combines heat, moving air and a desiccant (drying agent) to extract moisture and body oils while drying earwax for removal. It also claims to deodorize while it dries earphones.

According to the company, in testing with customers whose high levels of sweat and body oils can cause their IEMs to fail, using the Dry & Store Zephyr eliminated residual moisture from the earphones. Reportedly, close examination of the earphones in Sensaphonics labs showed no build-up of body oils inside the earphones after two months of use.

“We’re very excited by this product, especially for IEM users whose high levels of sweat can actually cause product failure,” states Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci, Au.D. “Finding a way to keep these artists’ earphones working reliably has been a real challenge for the industry. The Dry & Store system is the perfect solution for them.”

The Dry & Store Zephyr uses Dry-Max technology to deliver a controlled amount of warm dry air, a soft but continuous flow of air around the earphones, and a desiccant, the Dry-Brik II. The warming allows more moisture to be extracted, with airflow to carry it to the desiccant, preventing it from re-condensing back in the earphones.