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Shure Debuts MV88+ Mic/Video Kit

Shure’s MOTIV line for mobile content creation expands with new kit.

Las Vegas, NV (January 15, 2019)—Shure has unveiled its new MV88+ Video Kit, intended to be an all-in-one solution for content creators to create recordings on the run.

The kit is based around the MV88+ condenser microphone, which plugs directly into a mobile device using a Lightning or USB-C connector. Two microphone capsules in a Mid-Side configuration provide an adjustable stereo image, suitable for capturing a variety of sources, including music and speech. Using the Shure MOTIV app, the mic’s sound can be customized with DSP, preset mode selection, gain adjustment, compression and stereo width control.

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The kit also includes a Manfrotto PIXI tripod, phone clamp and mount, as well as iOS and USB-C cables for connectivity.

Intended for podcasters, videographers, content creators, field recordists and musicians, the kit is designed to be flexible enough to answer a variety of needs. The mic includes a headphone jack, and while the phone clamp and tripod stand aid stable video production, the MV88+ can also be used for standalone audio capture.

The MV88+ Video Kit retails for $249 MAP.

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