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Slate Pro Audio FOX 2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier

Slate Pro Audio, manufacturer of the DRAGON dynamic processor, has added a second analog hardware piece to their product range. Taking precedence from the DRAGON, the FOX offers “more options to the modern day audio engineer than typically found in a common mic pre,” claims the company. Each channel of the FOX has two unique mic pre circuits: the first — called Vintage — pays homage “to the classic British 73 style preamp,” while the second — called Modern — is comparably “clean and accurate.” The modern pre is perfect for the demanding engineer who wants the most detailed reproduction of the source material. FOX’s unique feature called “Combo” takes the input from one pre and combines it with the output from the other pre; this makes it possible to have a Vintage in/Modern out and a Modern in/Vintage out. In total, four different sonic textures can be had with the flick of a switch and each pre can be engaged while monitoring a source, live. Each preamp also has a quarter-inch instrument input.

All Slate Pro Audio gear is handmade in El Segundo, California. 

Price: $1,799 

Contact: Slate Pro Audio |