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Slate Pro Audio Raven MTX Multitouch Console

A unique console/DAW controller featuring Slate's 46-inch "Nano Glide" touchscreen.

Debuting at the 133rd AES Convention, Slate Pro Audio’s Raven MTX Multitouch Production Console is a unique mixing console/DAW controller featuring Slate’s own custom-built 46-inch “Nano Glide” touchscreen displaying their Raven Mixer and user-customizable multifunction Toolbar, plus a fully-featured analog monitoring section based on 100 percent digitally-controlled analog circuits.

Built for user’s digital audio workstation of choice, the Raven MTX’s GUI is largely the user’s GUI, allowing complete touch access to faders, pans, mutes, solos, sends, automation, and plug-in inserts. As such, a favorite plug-in, for example, can be the size of 19-inch outboard hardware and as easily tweak-able as its hardware counterparts, “a world-first in DAW control,” offers Steven Slate.

“When we began to develop the Raven concept, we studied the touch screen industry for months and became experts in the various technologies,” Slate continues. “We realized something very quickly: to make a multitouch monitor suited for the pro audio industry, no ‘off-the-shelf’ product would work. They were too slow — with thick, untreated glass and unusable parallax between your finger and the image. The screens themselves wouldn’t look correct at the angle that we needed, the glass had a horrible friction to it, and there were no proper drivers to do real Mac and PC integration with professional DAWs. So we started from the beginning and built the Raven touch display from the ground up, using brand new touchscreen technologies that were literally being introduced to the market as we were working.”

Stay tuned to the pages of Pro Audio Review for more on the Raven MTX.

Price: TBA

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