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Solid State Logic Debuts Fusion Coloration Processor

New analog unit intended for hybrid studios.

Oxford, England (October 11, 2018)—Solid State Logic’s new Fusion is an analog 2U outboard processor intended for use in hybrid studios.

The unit sports five analog coloration processors that can be used discretely or combined to create tonal character, weight and space to mix bus or stereo stems, with the detail, warmth and finesse that only real analogue circuits can provide.

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The processors include Vintage Drive, which produces harmonic saturation and soft compression by overloading an analog circuit; SSL Violet EQ, a minimum phase-shift, two-band shelving EQ; a High Frequency Compressor for taming brittle high frequency fizz; a Stereo Image enhancer for widening and spatial manipulation of the stereo field; and a custom SSL Transformer circuit, which provides low-frequency saturation along with a high-frequency phase-shift.

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Fusion will be available worldwide from November 2018.

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