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Solid State Logic Mynx

Mynx is built by the same blokes that build all the other SuperAnalogue gear, and at that same standard of quality.

Solid State Logic’s Mynx is the desktop box that can satisfy the last of us pro audio types with the longstanding belief that an SSL work surface is effectively the holy grail but also lack the financial ability to afford one. It is a mini SSL XLogic SuperAnalogue X-Rack system chassis (without Total Recall) with a list price of $400. [The X-Rack system was originally reviewed by Steve Murphy for a two-part PAR series in our December 2007 and January 2008 issues — Ed.]

Physically, Mynx is an industrial strength enclosure of 4mm extruded aluminum with 4″ x 7.5″ x 7.2″ dimensions and a two X-Rack Module capacity. Mynx is built by the same blokes that build all the other SuperAnalogue gear, and at that same standard of quality. Any two standard X-Rack modules — VHD Input, Mic Amp, SuperAnalogue EQ, SuperAnalogue Dynamics, Four Channel Input, Eight Channel Input, Master Bus, the new E Series EQ, or the new E Series Dynamics — or one G Series Stereo Bus Compressor will fill the Mynx. Mynx I/O resides on the back of your selected modules, and an external power supply provides the juice. Loading the Mynx with a card or two is as simple as using a small hex wrench and as many as eight screws — four on front, four on back.

If you’ve ever been so lucky to have heard your own mixes through an SSL G Bus Compressor, had an SSL mic pre/compressor signal path for something as simple as tracking snare drum, etc., then you can understand the enjoyment I found in reviewing the Mynx and seven X-Rack cards in my home studio over the past couple of months. After all, it is an SSL. Not only does it make you sound better, it generates positive vibes and comments from those that grace your workspace. I’ve heard “Ooh, SSL!” or some variant when people see the Mynx on my desk. Sometimes I reveal its price, but they’re more impressed when I don’t.

Mynx is a perfect example of how a company doesn’t gain a reputation like SSL without knowing what they are doing. Like Lays potato chips, it’s likely you can’t stop with just one or two X-Rack Modules. Soon you’ll need a full-size X-Rack, because you have three Modules. And the beat goes on, if you will.

Today, with the availability of the SSL Mynx, E-, G-, J-, and/or K-envy is an outdated emotion. The SSL experience is finally available for nearly everyone who wants it.

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Strother Bullins is the Reviews & Features Editor for Pro Audio Review and a regular contributor to Audio Media.