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Solid State Logic’s Soundscape Digital Audio Workstation v.6.2

This new version of SSL’s “industrial-strength” DAW, Soundscape, introduces significant new features to benefit existing Soundscape users and facilitate a series of “workflow specific” products based its audio workflow and file management. Soundscape v.6.2 combines two of SSL’s software products with the integration of Pro-Convert, SSL’s DAW Project translation tool. The Soundscape V6.2 Pro-Convert installation offers direct import/export to a series of third party DAW’s from the

Soundscape File Menu. Version 6.2 imports/exports audio file and selected audio track, clip and marker data for Pro Tools 9 Sessions, Cubase/Nuendo Track Archives, Final Cut XML and Samplitude/Sequoia EDL projects. 

A new Console Control Module introduces a hardware control implementation that offers physical control over the software using SSL’s Nucleus and Matrix hybrid DAW control consoles. The new hardware control implementation delivers deep integration between SSL’s hardware control surfaces and Soundscape’s advanced audio production workflow. 

The Soundscape v.6.2 release also enables Soundscape to be used with SSL’s MadiXtreme 64/128 PCIe audio interfaces for the first time, facilitating direct connection to audio converters, MADI-equipped consoles and routing systems for lower cost system specification. 

Soundscape v.6.2 can still be purchased with an SSL MX4 interface if a DSP driven mixer and plug-in environment is still required. MX4 systems include the SSL Bus Compressor and EQ & Dynamics plug-ins as standard. 

Price: TBA

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