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SonicPool Launches ADR App

SonicPool Post Production has released a new app for iPhones, Guerilla ADR.

Hollywood, CA (January 6, 2014)—SonicPool Post Production has released a new app for iPhones, Guerilla ADR.

The app is designed for users to record ADR lines right on their iPhone when talent is unable to get to a recording studio. John Frost, sound mixer and CEO of SonicPool Post Production says the app is intended for all types of productions. “Historically, we’ve found ourselves in situations where talent has been unable to get into a recording studio to record ADR lines. On many occasions, we are only in need of two or three ADR lines, which makes it even more frustrating for clients. Therefore, we developed the Guerrilla ADR app to help ease the stress.”

Guerrilla ADR (GA-1) can be downloaded for free; users pop on a pair of headphones and record their ADR lines in sync with picture. They can preview a video clip of the line along with a text description of the line below it. Frost says the app is easy to use and an effective tool for post production. “They can record the ADR line as many times as they like so that they can get it just right. It’s actually pretty fun.”

Guerrilla ADR is compatible with the iPhone 3GS–5 models, the 3 thru 5 generations of the iPod Touch and the iPad. Guerrilla ADR provides better results with the iPhone 5 or higher. It also requires iOS 6.1 or later. Guerilla ADR is currently available in the App Store.

SonicPool Post Production