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Sonifex Debuts Dante Commentary Units

The commentary units will debut next week at AES.

New York, NY (October 11, 2019)—Sonifex is showing new products at AES New York 2019, including configurable Dante commentary units for two or four commentators that bridge between AoIP and legacy 4-wire connections.

The AVN-CU2-Dante aims to be a multi-purpose configurable tool for commentary teams, enabled by a mix engine which overlays the usual Dante Controller settings. Once Dante flows have been made, inputs and outputs can be mixed to AoIP or physical inputs and outputs, controlled using the programmable buttons and rotary encoders, which control the gain and pan of inputs, outputs or cross-points.

Sonifex Unveils Multi-Channel Dante I/Os

The AVN-CU2-Dante was designed to be flexible in operation, and the use of Dante AoIP means that inputs and outputs can be added as required (up to a maximum of 16 per unit). It can be used in any number of different commentary situations, controlled manually or remotely, and controls can be ‘locked down’ so that they can’t be tampered with or altered.

Using a built-in web GUI, up to four nameable pages of six rotary encoders (24 in total) can be placed on the mix matrix at inputs, outputs or cross-points. Each rotary encoder has a separate color-coded meter section showing the channel name, detailed level metering and left/right panning.

The AVN-CU4-Dante portable commentator unit is a dual version of the AVN-CU2-Dante, providing four mic/line inputs with an adjustable gain range and four stereo headphone outputs with lockable jack sockets, suitable for operation by three or four commentators.

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The unit supports both Dante AoIP and 4-wire connections, dual redundant Dante networking and multiple AC/DC/PoE power options. Up to 48 rotary encoders can be used on inputs, outputs or cross-points, allowing talkback feeds, commentary and audio mixing to be handled in one unit.

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